TIL that you can create Gmail filters on the iOS app.


TIL that on Windows you can use a laptop as a second display using this tutorial.
TIL you can have a universal shortcut to paste as plain text on Windows with Powertoys.



TIL you can convert OpenDocuments into txts and pdfs with unoconv.
TIL you can use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard in iOS.
TIL you can use multiple ssh private keys in one client.
TIL you can clone a specific branch with git.
TIL that people hiking up the mountain have the right of way.


TIL you can change the background color of conflict marker sections.



TIL that the word “procrastinate” comes from the Latin procratinat- which means “deferred till the morning”.
at 9.11.22 AM
TIL that the word “robot” comes from the Czech word robota which means “forced labor”.
TIL you can detect whether the targetEnvironment is iPadOS in SwiftUI with the following code:
Pasted image 20211215110003
TIL that the word “decide” originally meant “cut off” in Latin.
TIL you can find a file recursively in Linux with the following command:
at 11.31.32 AM
at 1.28.50 PM
TIL you can have syntax highlighting with code blocks in JIRA.


TIL you can switch back to the previous branch by running git switch -.
TIL you can navigate to the previous directory with cd -.
TIL that there’s a free, open source, private, iOS fitness app called OutRun (App Store).
TIL you can get music recognition (Shazam) in your Control Center.
at 18.17.50
at 18.08.41
at 18.07.42
XCode Vim Mode
TIL you can get Vim keybindings in XCode 13.
TIL you can create an iOS shortcut to turn Bluetooth off completely.
TIL you can create an iOS shortcut to turn Wifi completely off.
TIL there’s dark mode on Webex.


TIL you can sort lines of text in Vi.
TIL you can quickly go to another character in the terminal when you do ⌥+click.